What is Health Tourism?

What is Health Tourism?


Health tourism is defined as individuals travelling beyond the borders of their home country to a different country to receive health services, receive medical treatment or engage in activities for health and welfare purposes. This type of tourism has become a type of travel that more and more people prefer to find answers to their medical needs or to have health-related experiences.


At the heart of health tourism is the desire of patients or health-conscious individuals to access the best resources and specialists to receive the medical services they need. There are a number of factors that enable this type of tourism to become widespread:


1. Medical Expertise and Technology

Some countries have healthcare facilities that specialise in certain medical fields and offer treatments using the latest technology. Therefore, patients may turn to these countries to receive quality medical services.


2. Cost Advantages

While healthcare costs in developed countries may be high for some people, in some countries it may be possible to get the same quality or similar services at lower costs. Therefore, patients who want to reduce costs may see health tourism as an option.


3. Suitable Treatment Periods

Medical tourism can include emergency medical interventions as well as planned treatments. While long waiting times may be experienced in developed countries, it may be possible to be treated more quickly in another country.


4. Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery

Aesthetic surgeries or reconstructive surgery are medical interventions that aim to make individuals feel better or improve their physical appearance. People who want to travel to other countries for such treatments may also fall within the scope of health tourism.


5. Recreation and Recuperation

Health tourism is not only treatment-orientated, but can also aim to rest, recuperate and take time for oneself. Patients or healthy individuals can both receive treatment and relax in a new environment during their health holidays.


As a result, health tourism is a form of travel that aims to take advantage of the differences in people's access to health services. However, this type of tourism also has some risks and challenges. Issues such as health standards in different countries, language barriers, post-treatment follow-up are issues that individuals planning this type of travel should pay attention to. Good research, expert opinions and detailed planning are required to achieve the best results.