User Manual


Add Hospital


To add your medical institution to the, chose Add My Hospital field from the menu at the bottom of the page. 




In the form opened in the new window, the basic information about the medical institution should be filled out like: Hospital Name, Authorized Person Name/Surname, Phone Number, Email, Pasword and Web site. Note: Email and password entered here, will be username and password for the log in to the hospital profile management panel.





By clicking on the Select Treatment the whole list of treatment that can be added to the hospital profile will be provided. By simpy ticking the box next to the related treatment it will be automatically created together with hospital's profile. 





Confirmation mail is automatically sent to the e-mail address entered in the Add My Hospital Form. In order to finished with the confirmation process it is necessary to click on the activation link found in the e-mail. 



At the end of the successful verification process another mail will be sent to the e-mail address provided. In this message web address at which the login should be made together with username and password. 




Hospital Log in


In order to access management panel of hospital profile, first user has to log in to the system. Go to the following address and after entering User Name and Password user is allowed to log in to the system. 



Creating Hospital Profile


To proceed with the editing of Hospital's profile data click under Menu >Hospitals  and on the edit button next to the hospital name. 



In the Form of Hospital  the basic information about the hospital should be entered as shown in the picture below. In the lower tab other features can be defined like Hospital Treatments, Doctors, Insurance, Certifications, Photos and Videos. This can also be defined by using the Menu from the left under Hospital Management > Definitions. 



Choosing Certificates


When you are finished with entering the basic information about the hospital you may start with the definition of other features. The first one can be International and National certificates that your hospital possess. This can be done by clicking on Medical Services Management > Definitions > Certifications. After clicking on new the new row will appear as in the picture below. From it you should choose your hospital name and certificate from the dropping menu. 



Defining Doctors


Next feature that should be defined is under Medical Services Management > Definitions > Doctors. After clicking on New the new Form of Hospital Doctor will be opened and there you can enter the information about doctors working in your hospitals, their phone, photos and C.V .  This is done as shown in the pictures below. 






Hospital Facility Details


In a similar way as showed above the Hospital Facility Details can be added to the hospital profile. After opening a new row it would be enough to choose your hospital and some of the facilities offered in the dropping menu. 



Contract Insurance


To add the insurance company with which your hospital is having an agreement just go under Hospital Management > Definitions> Insurance and choose the correspondent insurance company from dropping menu. 





Hospital Treatment


To add a new treatment go to Hospital Management > Definitions > Treatments and after clicking new Form Of Hospital Treatment will be opened. 



In the Form Of  Hospital Treatment you can choose the kind of treatment you are offering define name, photo and description you wish to be shown on the portal as well as its price.
Creating a Contact 
Once you have finished with defining these details they will be active on the portal. When a new reservation comes you will be able to follow and manage them under Medical Services Management > Hospital Reservations.
Call Center