Özel Aspendos Hastanesi

Serik Belek turizm yolu 1. km Serik/ Antalya
+90 242 722 53 53
Doctor Count : 3

Private Aspendos Hospital adopting the quality and safety for itself as the principle, has been giving service in Antalya-Belek Region with the modern technical infrastructure and the expert-talented staff who purpose to present latest innovations in the medical technology.

Private Aspendos Hospital having a people-oriented principle, is aiming to provide service of good quality non-stop during - 7 days and 24 hours to the guests with its modern unities, expert staff and its unique    cheerful    service.

It has been providing high quality service with its expert staff in all branches of modern medicine like gynaecology, ear-nose-throat, paediatrics, internal medicine, ophthalmology, sports medicine, plastic & reconstructive surgery, hair transplantation, check-up, general surgery, orthopaedics, cardiology, physics treatment and rehabilitation, radiology, biochemistry, microbiology and dentistry.

Private Aspendos Hospital will maintain to realize a lot of initials with the 10 years experience of Ege Medical Group and its unique quality principle.

There is a very ideal health facility in Antalya being the tourism paradise of Turkey:

Aspendos Hospital

Its service quality is at worldwide standards…

Its service price is under worldwide current prices…

For health services in a tranquil, comfortable and hygienic health environment, being prepared to welcome its guests at the Antalya Airport!

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