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Rehabilitation is a general concept which covers all stages and efforts necessary to improve life quality, adaptation and integration with their families and the society of persons who lost a part of their physical capabilities as a result of a disease or an accident. 


The main purpose of rehabilitation is the ensure the patient continues to live in integrity with his/her family and the society, with the help of a patient, competent and experienced team. This team includes physical therapy and rehabilitation specialists, physiotherapists, rehabilitation nurses, psychologists, speech therapists, social service specialists and many other sub-branch specialists.


Physical therapy and rehabilitation programs are necessary after surgical procedures or plastering and splinting for orthopedic problems including fracture, dislocation, bond and ligament injuries, meniscus and bond ruptures. The aim is to bring the patient back to the normal activity level as soon as possible. 


Patients who might benefit from rehabilitation: 

• Congenital or acquired cerebral palsy in children

• Common loss of movement and function after fractures and orthopedic operations

• Sports injuries 

• Stoke caused by brain damage and spinal cord injury 

• Painful disorders which limit movement such as rheumatism  

• Obesity 

• Age related limited movement  

• Spinal diseases 

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