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Pediatrics deals with children’s vaccination, nutrition, mental and motor development, health and diseases from the intrauterine period to the postpartum period. 

Pediatrics, divided into numerous branches in itself, offers service with specialists to our children who will be our future. 


Pediatric Endocrinology controls growth disorders and hormonal balance, follows and treats diseases.

Pediatric Cardiology diagnoses and treats intrauterine cardiac failure. 

Recent common learning disorders, attention deficit, epilepsy, hyperactivity, mental retardation, neuromuscular diseases are within the scope of Pediatric Neurology. 

Pediatric Surgery makes all operations on patients aged 0-16. 

Moreover, allergy, rash, urticaria, iron deficiency anemia, FMF - Familial Mediterranean Fever, urinary tract infections and many other disorders in children are covered by pediatrics.


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