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Orthopedics is the surgical branch which identifies and treats abnormalities in the organs that move all muscles, bones, joints and nerves in the human body.

What are the most common orthopedic complaints?

• Fractures 

• Knock-knees

• Bone injuries in accidents

• Muscle injuries

• Dislocations

• Elbow pain

• Neck pain

• Flat foot

• In-toeing

• Tail end pain 

• Rheumatoid pain

The most common orthopedic problem is broken bones. Orthopedists use plastering or surgery for fractures. Medicine is developing rapidly in orthopedics. Materials are being developed for solutions to lost limbs and these limbs can be repaired with external support. People are able to easily use their organs with prosthetic parts in place of cut and fractured bones.


Aging might lead to bone thinning, the complaints are referred to spinal surgery in orthopedics. The bone structure changes and bends and curves with aging. Medical supports, magnesium and calcium supports are used for solutions.


Those who are engaged in challenging sports need nutrient supports. Challenging activities might put stress on muscles and bones, rupture fibers and lead to bigger problems. In this case, an orthopedist’s assistance should be sought for.


Orthopedics determine proper treatment methods for shoulder pain, muscle loosening, sports injuries and cervical disk hernia.


Our feet carry our body. While the body flexes as a whole while walking on normal conditions, the body might be negatively affected in problematic cases. The inner curved part of the foot takes part in spring back movement. If this curve is congenitally absent, it is called flat-foot and causes problems. When the body weight is not transferred from the heel to the front, the body system will start to be damaged. Families should apply to orthopedics for flat-foot and in-toeing which are congenitally common in children. Another orthopedic disorder is in-toeing. The weight balance changes and feet start to step inwards. Besides these complaints, getting tired quickly, increased pain after walking, reduced sports activities, bone pain in the evening, pain around the heel are other reasons to apply to orthopedics.

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