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Neurosurgery - alias brain and nerve surgery - deals with surgical treatment of the brain and peripheral nervous system, spinal cord and spinal diseases.  Neurosurgery is divided into sub-branches depending on treatment location. 


Spine and Spinal Cord 

• Spinal canal obstruction  

• Spinal and spinal cord tumors 

• Degenerative kyphosis and scoliosis 

• Spinal and cervical disk hernia 

• Micro surgery 

• Spinal fractures 

• Spinal cord injuries  

• Slipped disc 

Peripheral Nervous System 

• Carpal Tunnel Syndrome  

• Peripheral nerve anastomosis  


• Pituitary tumors 

• Brain tumors 

• Intraventricular tumors 

• Cerebellar tumors 


• Craniosynostosis 

• Hydrocephalia  

• Spinal cord developmental disorders (congenital) 

• Childhood brain tumors 

• Childhood spinal cord tumors 


• Cerebral hemorrhage  

• Cavernoma  

• Arteriovenous malformation  

• Aneurism  


• Spinal fractures  

• Spinal cord injuries  

• Epidural hematoma  

• Subdural hematoma  

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