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Check-up is a scanning package to identify implicit problems which might lead to diseases in the future and take preventive measures in persons without any specific complaint. It is very important to diagnose diseases which become more common with aging. Many people who have regular check-ups can be saved from fatal illnesses with early diagnose. Despite absence of a disease or a complaint, an annual check-up can determine diseases which do not have any symptoms in the early stages and progress insidiously. With a short check-up, you can learn about your health condition, diseases in the early stage and have timely treatment with early diagnosis.
Check-up should be personalized.
No check-up is possible without a doctor’s examination. Check-up is not a process which is only comprised of tests. Information about the person’s complaint, history, personal background, family history, habits and medication, if used, to be collected during doctor's examination before these tests intends to achieve the most reliable results by adding personalized tests. Results to be collected are interpreted by specialists. Check-up programs have screening tests for cancer, suitable for the age and gender of the person. 

In every check-up, blood pressure, heart and respiration rate, fever, general appearance and other vital findings are controlled, then cardiology, chest diseases, ear nose throat, neurology, dermatology, gynecology/urology, internal diseases examinations are made.
Testicle, hernia and prostate examinations are added for men, and breast and pelvic examinations are added for women.


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