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Hair, a symbol of youth and health for long years, starts to fall in time for various reasons. According to studies, hair loss causes psychological affects not only in men, but also in women and leads to lack of self confidence. Hair transplantation sweeps all these problems away, brings abundant hair and a much better look.

What are hair transplantation methods?  

Hair transplantation is transplantation of own tissues of the person. The tissue part taken from the hair area (FUT method) or single hair follicles (FUE method) are transplanted to the hairless area. All these procedures are conducted under local anesthesia by aesthetic and plastic surgery specialists.

The patient continues his/her normal life after transplantation, provided certain rules are followed. The transplanted hair starts to fall after the first 15 days until 1 month. New hair grows as from 3 months and the person gains a better appearance.


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