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Today, people above 65 constitute about 15 percent of the entire population on earth. This age group is also accompanied by psychiatric and bodily diseases. With aging, significant changes occur in the metabolism and production of chemical conductors in the brain. Due to these ordinary changes in the brain, partial loss is observed in mental functions such as memory, concentration, movement and perception. However, it requires a detailed examination to determine how much of this loss is natural and expected and how much of it points to a brain disease. Geriatrics is important for this reason.
What is geriatrics? What is its purpose? 
Geriatrics is a branch involved in the study of health problems, diseases, social and functional lives, life qualities of patients aged 65 and older, preventive medicine practices and aging of society. 
The purpose of geriatrics is to protect the health of the person, treat diseases, help them live independently and improve their life quality.
Who can apply to the geriatrics unit?
Those who are aged 65 and older, hypertension and diabetes patients already covered by internal diseases and osteoporosis, urinary incontinence, memory disorders (Alzheimer’s Disease, age related amnesia), depression, falling, fainting, nutritional disorders, pressure ulcers, multiple drug use patients, those suspected of cancer and persons who need information about preventive medicine can apply to the Geriatrics Unit.
Why 65 and above?
As all study, information and interest in geriatrics is towards people aged 65 and above, experience has been gained accordingly and this branch comprehensively examines common diseases and complications in this age group in addition to internal diseases examinations and tests. Such comprehensive examination allows for diagnosis and treatment of many diseases even before showing any symptoms.
Moreover, in this age group, disease symptoms are different than those of young and middle age groups and require geriatric knowledge for diagnosis. Geriatrics is not only about examination, diagnosis and treatment of people aged 65 and older, but also struggles to provide non-polyclinic support including home care model with the social service specialist, physiotherapist, dietitian and nurse.  For all these reasons, patients aged 65 and above should apply to the geriatrics in the first place.


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