Medical Tourism

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It is a system comprised of endocrine glands which excrete hormones that control various activities in our body. Different types of hormones released in this system control reproduction, metabolism, growth and development

Hormones also control our reaction to our surroundings and help providing necessary and suitable amount of energy and nutrients for our body.

Glands in the endocrine system are hypothalamus, hypophysis, thyroid, parathyroid, pancreas, ovaries (ovaries in women, testicles in men), suprarenal gland, fatty tissue, endothelium. 

Possible diseases in disorders in the endocrine system, which controls our body in various ways:
• diabetes
• obesity
• thyroid diseases
• metabolic disorders  
• excess or deficient production of hormones
• menopause
• osteoporosis
• hypertension
• diseases related to fat metabolism
• infertility 
• growth retardation (short stature)  
• gland tumors

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