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Orthodontic problems are among the tops in the important health problems list in the world. Most people are affected by at least one of these problems once in their lifetime. Although orthodontic problems are treated, as with many diseases, they generally result with tooth loss. Moreover, treatment of these diseases require advanced techniques, they are costly and cause loss of time. Today, dentists offer various solutions not only in treatment of orthodontic problems, but also in oral and dental aesthetics. Lamination, porcelain veneer, gingival adjustments, bleaching methods offer the patient a new smile.
What is periodontology? 
 These treatments include all gingival operations, deep curettage and papilla operation, procedures for scaling.
These treatments include canal treatment, treatment of broken tooth, tooth extraction, treatment of milk tooth and other tooth decays, preventive treatment etc. Pedodontics is known to offer treatments for the jaw and its development. This branch also offers treatments for all oral, dental and gingival diseases from infancy to childhood.
Endodontics is involved in the treatment of root canals. When these root canals deteriorate, inflammation occurs. In the treatment, initiated for the complaint of the patient, these canals are sterilized. They are refilled and the treatment is completed by the specialist.
Dental Treatment  
Dental treatment covers procedures for tooth decays. Laser tooth whitening, canal treatment, filling, gingival whitening and other gingival operations are included.


Orthodontic treatment is for persons who have oral and dental disorders and have tooth gaps.
Orthodontic treatment is rendered for irregularities and deformities in teeth. Teeth are fixed with brackets and wires.
What is implant? 
Implant is an artificial tooth root which is made of materials suitable for the human body and placed in the jaw bone to bring back the function and appearance of teeth which have been lost for any reason. The purpose of implant is to bring back normal contour, function, aesthetics and health of the patient


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