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The World Health Organization (WHO) defines health as “not only the absence of disease or disability, but also a complete state of well being on bodily, mental and social terms”.

Aesthetic surgeries are made sometimes for health and sometimes for a better look. Physical health and beauty are always important for human beings.

Plastic reconstructive surgery covers treatment with surgery of deformities and dysfunctions, congenital or acquired, which concern almost all parts of the human body generally visible from the outside, recovery of open wounds, reassembly of torn parts or reconstruction of missing parts, treatment of skin or subcutaneous tumors, surgeries and procedures for beautification of all kinds and is generally known as aesthetic surgery or plastic surgery.

The term plastic is related to reshaping something. This reshaping procedure can only be related to appearance, or in most cases, can include correction of an impaired bodily function or elimination of a disorder.

The term reconstructive is related to remaking and reconstructing. Reconstruction of an organ or part of an organ which has been lost for various reasons or construction of an organ which is missing congenitally is among the main interests of plastic surgery.

Aesthetic, which is one of the terms used to define this specialty, is related to beauty. In aesthetic surgeries, the aim is to convert the appearance of a body part, which is indeed normal, to a shape which is perceived more beautiful by the society or in the eye of the person. This desire for transformation of the person might be a result of their desire for going back to their younger look or not being content with their current appearance.


What are aesthetic surgery interventions?  
• Breast Reduction
• Breast Enlargement
• Breast Lift
• Breast Asymmetry 
• Sexual Aesthetics 
• Liposuction etc.

For example, Liposuction means removing excess fat with vacuum from different parts of the body. It removes fat which causes deformity in certain areas such as tummy, side hips, inner knees and belly area in men.

What are plastic, aesthetic and reconstructive surgery services?  
• Hair transplantation
• Aesthetic nose operations (Rhinoplasty) Aesthetic eyelid operations  
• Gynecomastia
• Abdominoplasty
• Eyebrow lift
• Ear operations (flap ear)  
• Botox-filling  
• Scar revisions
• Face lifting
• Fat injection etc.

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