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The human body is made up of cells which divide and differentiate into specific tissues. In a biological structure, germ cells and somatic cells originate from a single fertilized cell. In a healthy body, cells divide, grow and differentiate. In the end, they end their lives in a programmed death framework called apoptosis. Cancer development starts from a single cell which has mutated in multiple tissues. As with our body’s tendency to contract a disease, cancer development has genetic characteristics.Cell DNA plays a role in transfer of similarities from our parents, our behaviors and even determination of our hair and eye color. In cells which have been exposed to carcinogenic substances, x-rays or some viruses for any reason, DNA mutates and thus, a cancer cell develops. The cancer cell rapidly grows in itself and starts metastasis first in the respective tissue, then distant tissues and organs. Today, cancer follows cardiovascular diseases in the list of causes of death. Patients are generally lost because of metastasis. The most important factor in cancer cases is early and correct diagnosis. With a timely diagnosis, our specialists help recovery of many cancer patients. Especially developments in molecular biology and exploration of new treatments give hope to cancer patients.

Who develops cancer the most?

Cancer prevalence varies by age, gender, organ of origin and other environmental factors. Other than the tumor specific to childhood, the number of cancer patients increases with age. It is more common in 50s. Cancer is more common in men below 10, in women aged 20-60 and men above 60.

What are the most common types of cancer in the world?  
• Lung

• Breast

• Colon
• Liver

• Stomach

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