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Aging is not stoppable. As our body ages, the appearance of our skin deteriorates. People want to have a better appearance, get younger and look confident in the mirror everyday.   In the aging process, levels of Hyaluronic Acid, naturally found in the human body, drop. The skin's ability to retain water weakens and the skin loses elasticity. Combined with the loss of subskin fat tissue and gravity, a drier and saggy skin appears. Our skin loses illumination and plumpness. When we gain and lose weight, stretch marks called “stria” occur on the skin. The scars of past accidents or operations affect us psychologically. We seek for remedies in the aesthetics. When thinking about any cosmetic procedure, people generally ask “Does it hurt?” and “How long will I be hospitalized?”. In this respect, non-surgical cosmetic procedures are the best options.  


What is non-surgical cosmetic?  

Non-surgical cosmetic is one of the best developments of recent years in medicine and technology. We would like to note that non-surgical procedures do not hurt. You do not need to be hospitalized and lose time. For example, you can have a face lift and put on make up or shave to go to a party in the evening. If you cannot lose weight in your waist and stomach with sports and diet and are afraid of operation, non-surgical procedures might be suitable for you. You can prevent mimic lines and have a younger look with non-surgical procedures. You can remove tattoos you do not want anymore. Chemical peeling is used to remove sunspots, acne scars and wrinkles and to balance oil in the skin.  


What are non-surgical cosmetic procedures?  

• Botox  

• Lipofreeze  

• Gold Threads Facelift 

• Mesotherapy 

• Laser Hair Removal  

• Ultherapy 

• Fractional Laser Skin Resurfacing  

• Microdermabrasion  

• Laser Tattoo Removal  

• Chemical Peel  

• Acne Scar Removal 

• IPL Treatment  

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